music for the home.


Music has always been there. 

We met junior year of college, singing Eric Whitacre in university choir. Our first interaction was sponsored by a Matthew Mole record. We realized we both had affection for Gregory Alan Isakov and Frank Sinatra over a Facebook messenger feed. Our first show-date was to see the Head and the Heart. I (David) subliminally first confessed my love for Sadie in a lyric while writing a song together. 

We fell in love to indie-folk mix CDs in my 2003 Civic. We got engaged to Bon Iver's "Re: Stacks," said "yes" at the altar with St. John's Cathedral Choir, and had our first dance to an original arrangement of "The Way You Look Tonight."


We recognize the beauty in music, and the life-changing creativity of current artists and those of the past. Honestly, we are completely scared to "put ourselves out there" and be official like this. It's next to impossible for us to believe that we could have something to contribute to the world of music.

So, we are going to try to make this as simple and honest as possible.

We care about music for the home and for building community. We are trying to take small steps toward sharing the music that has meant something to us. By grace, perhaps it will be meaningful to you, or inspire you to create.

Thanks for reading this. If we haven't met yet, we'd love to.